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Welcome to Homo Veritas!

As we are entering the era of regenerative human manifestation, there is a calling for a deepening of our awareness and pragmatical actions to correct the course of our relationship with each other and our home planet.
This platform emerges to serve as a transition space were individuals can connect with themselves and their unique potential. Every single person’s dream of a more integrated and healthy Humanity matters and is worth of nurture and empowerment.

The transition from Homo Sapiens to Homo Veritas is a calling for those that are longing for a more authentic life, to contribute with their unique potential, foster deeper connections, meaningful work, creative collaboration, transformation/actualization of the power structures, loving relationships and so much more.

Let’s move together from frustration and impotence to the creative expression that we can be!


My name is Valter and I have been looking for the past two decades for solutions to why is it so difficult for so many of us to find purpose, belonging and meaningful relationships in this world.

I have pursued a diverse scope of interests from social sciences, spiritual traditions, body work, authentic communication, regenerative agriculture, community building and at the same time I was living a very conventional life building a career, a home and an intimate relationship.
Most of those years were a struggle between the motivation to find my true voice and influence the reality around me and the pressure to fit in, not make waves, comply with the norm… I was losing my soul.
So I have chosen to reconnect with my own sense of integrity and direct my energy to manifest in this world what I would like to have to support and help me in the process of living without losing the soul.
In this endeavor a process of mentoring started to emerge as a means to help myself and others to navigate this life infused with the unique flavor of our soul’s truth – our unique gift to balance the story of Humanity.

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