Reconnecting with what is authentic in me
The dance between essence and personality

Join us in a one day journey to remember how it feels to experience ourselves beyond the “borders” of personality and create a parêntesis in the seemingly relentless demands that modern life puts on us.
For genuine change to occur and to enable the emergence of a regenerative lifestyle, it’s worth considering that maybe we don’t know how to make it happen, without taping into the dormant potential that lies within us all and to connect with Tribes in which we may flourish from inside out.
The aim of this workshop is to ignite our capacity to dream the transformation that we are waiting for.
Through reflection work we will redirect the tendency to identify with our personality and focus it on revealing essence. With the Inner Dance process we set up the conditions to quiet the doing/controlling side of the brain and experience the self-organizing intelligence of our whole brain and energetic system operating beyond the dictum of the linear thinking/reasoning mind.

We will gather in Quinta de São Miguel – Azambuja, a small farm 50km north of Lisbon in the process of becoming a community building hub and meeting point for those interested in nurturing a regenerative way of being.


9h00 to 10h00 – arrival and connecting with the place
10h00 – opening the circle
10h30 – playfully meeting each other
11h45 – story telling and reflection work – essence
13h00 – break for lunch
14h30 – wake up and energize
15h00 – Inner Dance – Decolonizing consciousness
17h30 – closing the circle


Reconnecting with what is authentic in me
The dance between essence and personality

This seminar aims to deepen the intention set in the workshop with the same name (see above).
It’s a group work that takes place in a regular basis, for a month’s duration, with the possibility of being extended according to the group’s needs.
It is an in-depth exploration into the foundations of our sense of identity and the possibility of revealing unconditioned qualities belonging to our unique and original essence. What is not a copy or a duplicate, not identical.
How to know yourself without comparison – it is a process of discovery, revelation, emergence.
How to put the personality at the level of a tool, which is used in the service of realizing the unique potential that is inherent to me, and which makes sense when integrated into the living systems of which I am a part (any form of organization is a living and dynamic system, be it a company, family, team, etc).
The seminar is based on a regenerative framework, that is, a framework that serves as a guide for thinking as an open discovery process, instead of models that aim to replicate what worked in the past or in other situations.
Each of us will benefit from an atmosphere conducive to unveil our unique essence, as well as co-creating a supportive structure that strengthens our ability to manifest the latent potential that springs from that unique essence.

        🕸️ Ignite our capacity to dream
          🕸️ Change focus from identification with personality to revealing essence
            🕸️ Experiencing the dance (between essence and personality)

                                            Give a taste
                                             Create a breach on the paradigm
                                              Expand the boxes
                                                Reflexion enhancement

             Interconnectedness (tribe)
             Non local awareness

                                                                                           Holistic wisdom + Practical wisdom
                                                                                                         Paradoxical wisdom

Living systems framework
           ↪️ Redefining purpose
                   ↪️ Dreaming the future

We all have abilities in which we naturally excel, areas of interest in which we are intrinsically motivated, ways of processing and giving meaning to experiences that are uniquely ours.
The crucial question that we are often confronted with, is how to move from the capacity that I and those close to me perceive and know to exist, to make this capacity possible, active in the world.

In this seminar we will lay a practical foundation, aiming to unlock our ability to transform aspirations and concerns into creative action.
Over the course of 1 month with regular online sessions, some face-to-face meetings, and using a framework based on regenerative principles, we will scale our capacity to energize significant roles as agents of change and transformation.
Together, we will explore and become aware of the different paradigms that guide the way we see, think and feel.
For each paradigm, different bases, instruments, directions and goals will be presented.
The sessions will be extremely practical and applicable to the particular situation of each participant.

This seminar may be of interest to people who:

↪️ Aim to feel more purpose in the projects they are involved in;
↪️ Want to start a new project;
↪️ Are considering a change in career because they want to contribute according to their creativity and sense of integrity;
↪️ Are agents of change and transformation, and intend to deepen their capacity to impact the systems in which they operate;
↪️ Intend to adopt a regenerative way of life;
↪️ know they have the potential to contribute but feel blocked;
↪️ Are interested in deepening their awareness;
↪️ Completed university or an important training cycle and want to transform the acquired skills into a significant contribution;

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Regular activities

The Inner Dance is not a dance.
It’s a process that facilitates the deepening of our consciousness through a sound and sensory journey, which – as we allow ourselves to trust reveals an innate intelligence, independent of the rational thinking mind.
Usually a session lasts between 1h and 1h30, the participants are lying down and letting themselves go to the sound of the music.
In the first sessions, it’s common to experience that something is being reorganized within us. There may be moments of physical and emotional release, lucid dreams, spontaneous movements, insights, etc.
With the deepening of the practice the existence of a non-linear (not time-bound) and non-local (not restricted to the individual) intelligence becomes more evident.
To some extent it’s a return to what is native, not colonized by external influences and pressures. We begin to let go of the submissions we’ve accepted throughout life, submission to beliefs, needs, ways of doing things, ways of relating, ideals…
It’s a process of disorganization and reorganization, in which what is essential to us is rediscovered. Artificial addictions lose their hypnotic effect, we enter into recovery – our body, mind and spirit regenerate.
                                                                                                                                          “Inner Dance is an addiction that breaks addictions”

Artwork by Autumn Sky

Circles of Transformation

Living is an incredible process of discovery. We are part of this continuum of discovery. Each generation receives a legacy from the generation that preceded it. This legacy is transformed and passed on to the next generation.
Acording to each person’s awareness, we inherit, whether we like it or not, the legacy of our ancestry and humanities shared cultural reservoir. In acord with this same awareness, we operate the possible transformations, which in time will determine the legacy that we will pass on to the next generation.

Each of us received a unique perspective on the continuum of life, a way of seeing, thinking, feeling and a potential for development and transformation of that continuum (even if I just transform myself, I’m already transforming the continuum).

The practice of sitting in circle and establishing intergenerational / intercultural bridges is an ancient practice through which we can access the intelligence of the continuum, integrate aspects of our shared history, correct the course of certain actions, find our place as community members, develop our vision and voice – our life is no longer separate from Life.
We are all on this journey together – past, present and future…

Often, with the accelerated pace that we are currently living and with the growing autonomy that we benefit from, we stop taking part in sustaining these circles. It seems that it’s necessary to go through a good deal of disconnection with ourselves, so that the return home becomes a possibility.

We meet at Quinta de São Miguel – Azambuja, a small farm 50km from Lisbon, in the process of becoming a community building hub and meeting point for anyone interested in nurturing a regenerative way of living.

In december we expand the circle to online format.

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