To be authentic is to be in a state of connection and acceptance with what we are, it’s to manifest our unique essence – with an unique way of thinking, feeling, relating and with a unique life purpose.
Authenticity is the blossoming of what we are when we go beyond the socialization process and assume what is genuine in us.
The challenge lies in how to discard the received expectations from our former development and reconnect with our unconditioned interests.
It’s a process of self discovery – if I free myself from the received influences, what do I really think, desire, feel… It’s a dis-covery.
When we start to uncover this inner being, usually we find out that in many aspects it does not correspond to the outer being, with the persona that we use to interact and relate with the world.
To be authentic is the process of making the inner and outer being coincide.
It’s the beginning of the end with playing games, fitting in, conceal our truth to be safe… We must come to terms with the liar that we hired to keep us safe.
Do you dare to show me your true colours?

To know is to do…

  • Am I willing to admit the incongruity between my inner self and outer self?
    – the biggest block to authenticity is not pretending, it’s denial
  • Am I willing to observe the feelings of shame that prevent me to work with what is real about me and may possibly make me look not so good to others and myself?
    – let’s start first with self-acceptance without judgment
  • Am I willing to be vulnerable?
    – what is the opposite of being defensive in this situation?

“I am becoming Homo Veritas”   

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